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Peggy O'Neal is an American voice actress.


Peggy O'Neal got her start in acting when she was first seen in three episodes of seaQuest DSV and then went on to do ADR on Dawson's Creek, Dark Skies, Walker, Texas Ranger. Then she took on a voice acting class where she was taught by Susan Blu leading up to her anime roles upon her classmate being the girlfriend of Saban worker Paul Di Franco who did all of the casting for the Saban Entertainment shows. During her work on Saban Entertainment's shows, Peggy considered her Shinzo character Yakumo Tatsuro as a big break for her. Some of her anime projects had her playing the sister of some of Dave Wittenberg's characters while also mentioning that some of her characters would often be the love interests for the characters voiced by Steven Blum and Crispin Freeman.[1]

When not doing voice acting, Peggy works as a part-time teacher at Moorpark College where she teaches acting to her students.[citation needed]



List of voice performances in anime
Year Title Role Notes Source
2008 Lucky Star Ayano Minegishi, Miki Hiiragi [2]


List of voice performances in feature films
Year Title Role Notes Source
2000 Digimon: The Movie Botamon [2]
List of voice performances in direct-to-video and television films
Year Title Role Notes Source
2005 Digimon Tamers: Runaway Locomon Susie Wong [2]

Other dubbing[edit]

List of voice performances in other shows
Year Title Role Notes Source
2002 Power Rangers Wild Force Wedding Dress Org [2]


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