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Peggy Weil is an artist working in digital media.

She graduated from Harvard in 1976 and received a master's degree from MIT in 1982. There she was a part of the Architecture Machine Group where she worked under Nicholas Negroponte.

In 1990, she produced A Silly Noise House, an award-winning CD-ROM with multimedia pioneer The Voyager Company. Her multimedia works continued with Ravensburger Interactive, where her Moving Puzzle CD-ROMs won the 1998 Milia D'Or in Cannes.

She created MrMind, a web-based bot who asks, "Can you convince me that you are human?" MrMind has been administering The Blurring Test, a Reverse Turing test, since 1998.

Currently she is a Visiting Asst. Professor at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division.

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