Pegtymel River

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Location of the Pegtymel River course.

The Pegtymel River is a stream in Far East Siberia. It passes through the sparsely populated areas of the Siberian tundra and flows into the East Siberian Sea west of the De Long Strait. Its mouth is between Cape Shelagsky on Chaunskaya Bay and Cape Billings to the east. Its most important tributary is the Kuvet River which joins it from the right side.

The Pegtymel River and its tributaries belong to the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug administrative region of Russia.

There are ancient rock paintings on a site close to the Pegtymel River. The petroglyphs show boats and reindeer hunting.


Coordinates: 69°49′N 174°01′E / 69.817°N 174.017°E / 69.817; 174.017