Mount Arfak

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Mount Arfak
Gunung Arfak
Pegunungan Arfak from the Pond of Rendani.jpg
As seen from a pond near the Rendani Airport.
Highest point
Elevation 2,955 m (9,695 ft)
Prominence 2,775 m (9,104 ft)
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 1°09′23″S 133°58′47″E / 1.156295°S 133.97962°E / -1.156295; 133.97962Coordinates: 1°09′23″S 133°58′47″E / 1.156295°S 133.97962°E / -1.156295; 133.97962
Parent range Arfak Mountains
Easiest route Hike

Mount Arfak is the highest point in the province of West Papua. It is located on north-east side of the Bird's Head Peninsula. It is a popular hiking area and is the highest peak of the Arfak Mountains. From the summit, Manokwari can be seen. The summit of Mt. Arfak is temperate and dry with very hot, dry summer temperatures that average below 95 °F (35 °C) and mild, humid winter temperatures that average above 38 °F (3 °C). During the winter months, the mountain's summit receives frost usually and sometimes can get to 33 °F (0 °C) every now and then. Sometimes snow can fall on the summit, but not every year. Average rain amount per year is about 45 inches (1150 mm). The mountain is part of the Pegunungan Arfak Nature Reserve, a 683-square-kilometer (264 sq mi) protected area that protects parts of the Vogelkop Montane Rain Forests Ecoregion. The mountain is also the highest point in the Manokwari metropolitan area.


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