Peil Dael Truv Yum

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Pel Dael Trao Yum (The Time to Cry)
Promotional poster
Directed byUong Kantuok
Produced byUong Kantuok
StarringKong Som Eun
Vichara Dany
Nop Nem
Kim Nova
Meth Lam Orng
Pov Thida
Chin Sinath
Music bySinn Sisamouth
Release date

Pel Dael Trov Yum (Khmer: ​ពេល​ដែល​ត្រូវ​យំ) is a 1972 Khmer film directed by Ung Kantuok starring Kong Som Eun and Vichara Dany. The plot, like other Ung Kantuok films, involves a triangular relationship between a man, Kong Som Eun, and 2 women, Vichara Dany and Kim Nova. The film consist of 5 hit songs including the all-time famous Pel Dael Tron Yum (The Time to Cry).


Song Singer(s) Notes
Proyat Pea Chlong Sinn Sisamouth The joyful song is portrayed as Kong Som Eun and Vichara Dany ride a bike through the field.
Sromoul Snae Ros Serey Sothear Kim Nova performs the song live on television.
Jomrieng snae Knhom Ros Serey Sothear Vichara Dany expresses her love to Kong Som Eun
Pel Dael Truv Yum Sinn Si Samouth
Jet Et Laéng Sinn Si Samouth and Ros Serey Sothear The all-time famous Khmer romance duet performed by Kong Som Eun and Vichara Dany.