Peisistratus of Pylos

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In Greek mythology, Peisistratus or Pisistratus (Ancient Greek: Πεισίστρατος Peisistratos) was a prince of Pylos in Messenia.


Pisistratus was the youngest son of King Nestor[1][2] either by Eurydice[3] or Anaxibia[4]. He was the brother to Thrasymedes, Pisidice, Polycaste, Perseus, Stratichus, Aretus, Echephron, and Antilochus.


Pisistratus became an intimate friend of Telemachus, son of Odysseus, and travelled with him on his unsuccessful search for his father[5]. Like Telemachus, Peisistratus was only a small boy when his father (and brothers Antilochus and Thrasymedes) left to fight in the Trojan War.


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