Pejačević Castle in Osijek

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Pejačević Manor in Osijek
Dvorac Pejačević u Osijeku
General information
Architectural style Neoclassical
Location Osijek, Croatia
Construction started 1796 (probably)
Completed 1801
Opened 1801; 217 years ago (1801)
Design and construction
Architect unknown

Pejačević Manor (Croatian: Dvorac Pejačević) is a neoclassical building in Osijek, Croatia.

It is one of several country houses owned by the members of the Pejačević noble family in the region of Slavonia.


The manor was built between 1796 and 1801 by Count Sigismund (Žigmund) Pejačević.

It was located in Retfala, which at that time was an estate of the Pejačević family, granted to them in 1750 by Maria Theresa.

In 1891 a family mausoleum was constructed near the manor.


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