Pejman Hadadi

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Pejman Hadadi (born 1969, in Tehran)[1] is an internationally acclaimed Iranian tonbak player and Persian classical musician. In 1990 Hadadi emigrated to the United States.

In 1995, he joined Dastan Ensemble.[1]


  • Durfee Foundation Master Musician Award (2001)


  • "Whisper" with Ali Akbar Moradi, tanbur (Kereshmeh Records, 2001)
  • "Midnight Sun" with Hossein Behroozi-Nia, barbat (7/8 Productions, 2000)
  • "Fire of Passion" with Ali Akbar Moradi, tanbur (7/8 Productions, 1999)
  • "A Tale of Love" with Parisa & Hossein Omoumi, ney (Kereshmeh Records, 1999)
  • "Through Eternity" with Dastan Ensemble (Traditional Crossroads, 1997)
  • "Beyond Denial" with Axiom of Choice (X Dot 25, 1994)
  • "Scattering Stars Like Dust" with Kayhan Kalhor. (Traditional Crossroad 4288)
  • "in sare sodaei" with Pouya Saraei


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