Peka Peka

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Peka Peka Beach, looking north.

Peka Peka, sometimes Pekapeka, is a lightly populated seaside locality[1] on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand's North Island. Its population according to the 2001 New Zealand census is 195, an increase of 35.4% or 51 people since the 1996 census.[2] It is located just off State Highway 1 and the North Island Main Trunk railway between Waikanae and Te Horo.

Peka Peka was briefly internationally famous when a young emperor penguin, nicknamed Happy Feet,[3] appeared on Peka Peka beach on 21 June 2011.[4] Emperor penguins are usually only found in the Antarctic.[5]


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Coordinates: 40°49′58″S 175°03′29″E / 40.8327°S 175.0581°E / -40.8327; 175.0581