Pekan Tutong, Tutong

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Pekan Tutong

Mukim Pekan Tutong
Mukim (Subdistrict)
Daerah (District)Tutong
 • Penghulu(vacant)[1]
 • Total15,500 (approx.)[2]

Pekan Tutong, locally known as Mukim Pekan Tutong, is a mukim or subdistrict in the Tutong District of Brunei. It is headed by a penghulu, although the current position is vacant.[1] Pekan Tutong has a population of approximately 15,500.[2]


Pekan Tutong literally means 'Tutong Town' and is named after Tutong, the main town of Tutong District which is located within this mukim.


It is located in the north-west of the Tutong District, bordering South China Sea to the north-west, as well as the mukims of Keriam to the east, Kiudang to the south-east, Tanjong Maya to the south and Telisai to the south-west.[3]

The Tutong River runs its course through Pekan Tutong and flows out into South China Sea. There are a few islands along the river, among them the islets of Setawat (Malay: Pulau Setawat) and Bakuku (Malay: Pulau Bakuku).


Pekan Tutong is a mukim, the second level administrative division, below Tutong District. It is headed by a penghulu, but is currently vacant.[1]

Pekan Tutong is further divided into territorial subdivisions called kampung (literally 'village'), which consists of:[3][4]

where each area also has its own postcode.

However, there are only four areas that are recognised as kampung by the Tutong District Office, by the requisite that each is headed by a ketua kampung (literally 'village chief').[5] Among the areas above, only Penanjong and Sengkarai have their own respective ketua kampung.[1] Penabai and Kuala Tutong are considered one area.[5] Similarly, Panchor is the name given for the combined area of Panchor Papan and Panchor Dulit.[5] At present, the latter two areas do not have their own ketua kampung.[1] Thus, for matters pertaining residency, the residents in the remaining areas may consult to the ketua kampung of the nearest kampung. Meanwhile, Tutong Kem is a military area under the Ministry of Defence. Paya Pekan Tutong is currently unpopulated.

Tutong (town)[edit]

The town of Tutong is also located in this mukim. However, it is not part of the administrative division of the country. The town has its own authority, Tutong Municipal Department, a government department although under same ministry as Tutong District Office, but its territorial jurisdiction overlaps, either wholly or partly, a few kampung of Pekan Tutong.


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Coordinates: 4°48′N 114°39′E / 4.8°N 114.65°E / 4.8; 114.65