Peking Express

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Peking Express
Created byLudo Poppe
Theme music composerBrian Tyler
Country of originBelgium
Original languageDutch
No. of seasons7
No. of episodes76
ProducerGert van Kerckhove
Production locationVarious
Running time60 minutes
Original networkNet 5 (Netherlands)
Play4, Q2 (Belgium)
Original release14 March 2004 (2004-03-14) –
28 May 2017 (2017-05-28)
The Amazing Race

Peking Express is a DutchFlemish reality game show that follows a series of couples as they hitchhike to or from Beijing (only in the first three seasons; seasons four and five are set in South America). The series, first broadcast on 14 March 2004, ran for seven seasons from 2004 to 2008 and was revived in 2012 (as a sole Dutch production) and again in 2017. In the Netherlands, it was screened by Net 5 and in Belgium by VT4 during its original 2000s run before moving to Q2 in 2017. The concept has also been sold to a number of countries around the world since 2005.

General theme[edit]

The theme of the show is to demonstrate how various couples deal with the challenges and pitfalls of attempting a long-distance hitchhike to a strange city, together with all the difficulties presented by trying to communicate in a language they don't understand. Tension was added by including couples who had broken up "in real life", but were willing to work together for the sake of winning the race.

In somewhat similar fashion to The Amazing Race, couples that come in last at various checkpoints along the way are eliminated from further competition. In the second series, each of the couples was given €1 per person/per day as their stipend along the route.

Theme music[edit]

The music used during the opening sequence is "Summon the Worms" from Brian Tyler's soundtrack to the 2003 miniseries Frank Herbert's Children of Dune.

Winning couples in the international versions[edit]


Moroccan seasons[edit]

Dakar Fès Express Season Winning couple Route Visited countries
2011 Hind & Abd el Hakim Dakar to Fez  Senegal
2012 Samid Ghilan & Younès Lazrak Sulawesi to Manado  Indonesia


Colombian seasons[edit]

Asia Express Season Winning couple Route Visited countries
2016 Jairo & Eliseo Hai Duong to Bangkok  Vietnam

Mexican season[edit]

Abandonados Asia Season Winning couple Route Visited countries
2016 Gabriel & Guillermo Hai Duong to Bangkok  Vietnam


Belgium/Netherlands seasons[edit]

Peking Express Season Winning couple Route Visited countries
2004 Rani & Hans Moscow to Beijing  Russia
2005 Karla & Sophie Beijing to Mumbai  China
2006 Yves & Wendy Mekong Delta to Lhasa  Vietnam
Chimène van Oosterhout & Bart Veldkamp Gangotri to Kochi  India
2007 Pascal & Miranda Rio de Janeiro to Lima  Brazil
2008 Mark & Marlinde Mexico City to Caracas  Mexico
2012 Annebet & Quintin Seoul to Manila  South Korea
2017 Brecht & Cedric Hạ Long to Angkor  Vietnam

Denmark/Sweden/Norway seasons[edit]

Peking Express Season Winning couple Route Visited countries
2007 Tyra & Stefan Moscow to Beijing  Russia

French seasons[edit]

Pékin Express Season Season's


Host Winning couple Route Visited countries
2006 La Route du Transsibérien
The Transsiberian Route
Stéphane Rotenberg Fathi & Médi Paris to Beijing  France
2007 La Route de l'Himalaya
The Himalayan Route
Nadine & Sylvie Beijing to Mumbai  China
2008 La Route des Incas
The Incas' Route
Gérard & Cédric Rio de Janeiro to Lima  Brazil
2009 La Route des Dragons
The Dragons' Route
Albert & Laurence Ha Long bay to Bali  Vietnam
2010 La Route du bout du monde
The Edge of the World's Route
Cécilia & Mathieu Equator/Amazon rainforest to Ushuaia  Ecuador
Duos de choc
Shock duos
Taïg Khris & Chloé (season 5) Bhatwari to Pondichery  India
2011 La Route des grands fauves
The Big Cats' Route
Jean-Pierre & François Cairo to Cape Town  Egypt
 South Africa
Le Passager mystère
The Mystery Passenger
Ludovic & Samuel (season 7) Seoul to Sydney  South Korea
2013 Le Coffre maudit
The Cursed Chest
Linda & Salim Habana to Miami  Cuba
 United States
À la découverte des mondes inconnus
Discovering the Unknown Worlds
Caroline (season 4) & Sabrina Man Lawae to Colombo  Myanmar
 Sri Lanka
2018 La Course infernale
The Infernal Race
Christina & Didier Kuching to Tokyo  Malaysia
2019 La Route des 50 volcans
The 50 Volcanoes' Route
Laeticia & Aurélie lake Atitlan to Bogotá  Guatemala
 Costa Rica
Retour sur la Route Mythique
Return on the Mythical Route
Julie & Denis (season 9) Moscow to Beijing  Russia
2021 Sur les pistes de la Terre Rouge (episodes 1-3)
On the Red Soil's Tracks

La route des 3 continents (episodes 4-10)
The 3 Continents' Route

Christophe & Claire Entebbe to Istanbul[1]  Uganda
2022 Sur les terres de l'Aigle Royal
On the Royal Eagle's Lands
Lucas & Nicolas Son-Kul to Dubai  Kyrgyzstan
 United Arab Emirates
Duos de choc
Shock duos
Inès Reg & Anaïs Negombo to Colombo  Sri Lanka
2023 Le choix secret
The secret choice
Xavier & Céline lake Titicaca to Rio de Janeiro  Bolivia
2024 Bali to Hanoi  Indonesia

German seasons[edit]

Peking Express Season Winning couple Route Visited countries
2005 Anja & Marc Moscow to Beijing  Russia
Star Race 2012 Jimi & Nino Bolinao to Manila  Philippines

Greek seasons[edit]

In this version, there are only celebrity couples.

Asia Express Season Winning couple Route Visited countries
2022 Konstantinos Vassalos & Fipster Angkor to Bangkok  Cambodia

Hungarian seasons[edit]

In this version, there are mainly Hungarian VIP couples.

Ázsia Expressz Season Season's subtitle Host Winning couple Runner up Third placed Continent Route Visited countries
2017 A sárkány útja Ördög Nóra Ambrus Attila & Berki Krisztián Edina Kulcsár & Szabó András "Csuti" Megyeri Csilla & Molnár Zsolt Asia Haidong to Bangkok  Vietnam
2019 Horváth Gréta & Meggyes Dávid Janicsák Veca & Ladányi Jancsó Ábel Demcsák Zsuzsa & Kandász Andrea Negombo to Chiang Mai  Sri Lanka
2022 Halastyák Fanni & Szlépka Armand Nyári Darinka & Kiss Ernő Zsolt Gyebnár Csekka & Mérai Katalin Aqaba to Tashkent  Jordan
2023 TBD TBD TBD America Queretaro City to TBA  Mexico

Italian seasons[edit]

In this version, there are mainly VIP couples.

Pechino Express Season Season's subtitle Host Winning couple Runner up Third placed Continent Route Visited countries
2012 Avventura in Oriente
(Adventure in the East)
Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia Alessandro Sampaoli & Debora Villa (Gli attori) Andrés Gil & Anastasia Kuzmina (I ballerini) Costantino della Gherardesca & Barù (Zio e nipote) Asia Haridwar to Beijing  India
2013 Obiettivo Bangkok
(Goal: Bangkok)
Costantino della Gherardesca Massimiliano Rosolino & Marco Maddaloni (Gli sportivi)[2] Francesca Fioretti & Ariadna Romero (Le modelle) Daniel Moreno Mendoza & Laura Caratelli (I laureati) Hanoi to Bangkok  Vietnam
2014 Ai confini dell'Asia
(At the boundaries of Asia)
Stefano Corti & Alessandro Onnis (I coinquilini) Amaurys Perez & Angela Rende (I Pérez) Eva Grimaldi & Roberta Garzia (Le cougar) Mandalay to Bali  Myanmar
2015 Il nuovo mondo
(The new world)
Antonio Andrea Pinna & Roberto Bertolini (Gli antipodi) Christian Kang Bachini & Son Pascal (Gli espatriati) Giulia Salemi & Fariba Mohammad Tehrani (Le persiane) America Quito to Rio de Janeiro  Ecuador
2016 Le civiltà perdute
(The lost civilizations)
Alessio Stigliano & Alessandro Tenace (I socialisti) Diego Passoni & Cristina Bugatty (I contribuenti) Lory del Santo & Marco Cucolo (Gli innamorati) Bogotá to Mexico City  Colombia
2017 Verso il Sol Levante
(Towards the Rising Sun)
Ema Stokholma & Valentina Pegorer (Le clubber) Antonella Elia & Jill Cooper (Le caporali) Achille Lauro & Boss Doms (I compositori) Asia Pagbilao to Tokyo  Philippines
2018 Avventura in Africa
(Adventure in Africa)
Patrizia Rossetti & Maria Teresa Ruta (Le signore della TV) Fabrizio Colica & Tommy Kuti (Gli scoppiati) Linda Morselli & Rachele Fogar (Le mannequin) Africa Tangier to Cape Town  Morocco
 South Africa
2020 Le stagioni dell'Oriente
(The seasons of the East)
Nicole Rossi & Jennifer Poni (Le collegiali) Enzo Miccio & Carolina Gianuzzi (I wedding planner) Ema Kovač & Dayane Mello (Le top) Asia Ko Phra Thong to Seoul  Thailand
 South Korea
2022 La rotta dei Sultani
(The sultans route)
Costantino della Gherardesca & Enzo Miccio Victoria Cabello & Paride Vitale (I pazzeschi) Natasha Stefanenko & Sasha Sabbioni (Mamma e figlia) Gianluca "Fru" Colucci & Aurora Leone (Gli sciacalli) Uçhisar to Dubai  Turkey
 United Arab Emirates
2023 La via delle Indie
(The Indies route)
Joe Bastianich & Andrea Belfiore (Gli italoamericani) Federica Pellegrini & Matteo Giunta (I novelli sposi) Carolina Stramare & Barbara Prezja (Le mediterranee) Mumbai to Angkor  India

Polish seasons[edit]

In this version, there are only celebrity couples.

Azja Express Season Winning couple Route Visited countries
2016 Michał Żurawski & Ludwik Borkowski Hai Duong to Bangkok  Vietnam
2017 Antoni Pawlicki & Paweł Ławrynowicz Sigiriya to Mumbai  Sri Lanka
Ameryka Express 2018 Aleksandra Domańska & Dawid Domański San Antonio de Ibarra to Cusco  Ecuador
2020 Karolina Pisarek & Marta Gajewska-Komorowska Antigua Guatemala to Cartagena  Guatemala
Azja Express 2023 TBD Istanbul to Tashkent  Turkey

Romanian seasons[edit]

In this version, there are only celebrity couples.

Asia Express Season Season's subtitle Host Winning couple Runner up Third placed Continent Route Visited countries
2018 Drumul Dragonului (The Dragon Road) Gina Pistol and Marius Damian Raluca Nistor & Ana Baniciu Liviu Vârciu & Andrei Ştefănescu Daniela Crudu & Vica Blochina Asia Hạ Long to Bangkok  Vietnam
2019 Drumul Elefantului (The Elephant Road) Gina Pistol, Liviu Vârciu and Andrei Ștefănescu Eduard Mihail Andreianu & Ionuț Dongo Ana Claudia Grigore & Adrian Robert Andra Gheorghe & Bogdan Boantă Negombo to Mumbai  Sri Lanka
2020 Drumul Comorilor (The Treasure Road) Gina Pistol, Ionuț Dongo and Marius Damian Sorin Bontea & Răzvan Fodor Ștefan Sprianu & Ștefania Codreanu Ada Alexandra Moldovan [ro] & Cătălin Rizea Lucena to Taipei  Philippines
2021 Drumul Împăraților (The Emperors Road) Irina Fodor, Ionuț Dongo and Marius Damian Mihai Petre & Elwira Duda Emanuel Popescu & Adrian Popescu Lidia Buble & Estera Buble Edirne to Jerusalem  Turkey
America Express 2023 Drumul Aurului (The Gold Road) Cătălin Bordea și Nelu Cortea Andreea Antonescu și Andreea Bălan Cătălin Scărlătescu și Doina Teodoru America Querétaro City to Cartagena  Mexico
2024 Drumul Soarelui (The Sun Road) Irina Fodor and Marius Damian TBA TBA TBA Medellin to Buenos Aires  Colombia

Spanish seasons[edit]

Pekín Express Season Season's subtitle Winning couple Route Visited countries
2008 La Ruta del Transiberiano Fernando & María (couple in crisis) Pskov to Beijing  Russia
2009 La Ruta del Himalaya Carmela & Antonio (rural friends) Beijing to Mumbai  China
2010 La Ruta del Dragón Sandra & Belinda (sisters) Hanoi to Bali  Vietnam
2011 Aventura en África Mar & Vanesa (sisters) Great Rift Valley, Kenya to Cape Town  Kenya
 South Africa
2015 La Ruta de los Mil Templos Ángel & Bea (siblings-in-law) Mandalay to Singapore  Myanmar
2016 La Ruta de los Elefantes Matías & Nabil (geek cousins) Anuradhapura to Mumbai  Sri Lanka

International versions[edit]

A German version was shown in 2005. The concept has also been sold to Scandinavia where it was broadcast for the first time in the autumn of 2007. The Scandinavian version is shown on Kanal 5 in Sweden, TVNorge in Norway and Kanal 5 in Denmark.

A French version named Pékin Express is screened by M6, with twelve seasons aired so far from 2006 to 2019, and a thirteen and fourteen planned for 2020. It can be seen on TV5 outside France. In Spain, the first four seasons of local version Pekín Express aired on Cuatro from 2008 to 2011; Atresmedia acquired the rights in 2015 and has produced two seasons since.[3] An Italian version has been produced since 2012 by RAI and shown on Rai 2 successfully.

In Poland, the series has been broadcast on TVN since 2016 and was known for its first two seasons, which were set in Asia, as Azja Express. From season 3 onwards, it has been known as Ameryka Express, with its production location changing to America; a fourth season premiered in spring 2020. In Romania, the series has aired successfully on Antena 1 since 2018 as Asia Express for its first four seasons, with the upcoming season being titled America Express, following the changing of its production location into Americas. In Greece, the series has started airing on Star Channel as Asia Express in fall 2022.

Country Name Channel Route Host Website
 Belgium (Dutch)
Peking Express NET 5
VT4 (2004–2008)
Q2 (2017)
2004: MoscowBeijing
2005: PekingMumbai
2006: Rach GiaLhasa
2006: GangotriKochi
2007: Rio de JaneiroLima
2008: Mexico CityCaracas
2012: SeoulManila
2017: Hạ LongAngkor
Ernst-Paul Hasselbach (2004)
Art Rooijakkers and Roos Van Acker (2005–2008)
Sol Wortelboer (2012)
Sean Dhondt and Rik van de Westelaken (2017)
Official website Netherlands
Official website Belgium
 Belgium (French) Pékin Express RTL 2012: WoriManado Michel De Maegd Official website
 Colombia Asia Express Caracol Televisión 2016: HanoiBangkok Ivan Lalinde Official website
Peking Express TVNorge
Kanal 5
2007: MoscowBeijing Thomas Mygind
Martin Björk
Synnøve Skarbø
Official website Norway
 France Pékin Express M6 2006: ParisPskovBeijing
2007: BeijingMumbai
2008: Rio de JaneiroLima
2009: Ha Long BayBali
2010: Nueva LojaUshuaia
2010: GangotriPondicherry
2011: CairoCape Town
2012: SeoulSydney
2013: HabanaMiami
2014: LashioColombo
2018: KuchingTokyo
2019: lake AtitlanBogotá
2020: MoscowBeijing
2021: EntebbeIstanbul
2022: Son-KulDubai
2022: NegomboColombo
2023: La PazRio de Janeiro
2024: BaliHanoi
Stéphane Rotenberg Official website
 Germany Peking Express
Star Race
RTL 2005: MoscowBeijing
2012: BolinaoManila
Patrice Bouédibéla
Roberta Brandao
 Greece Asia Express Star 2022: AngkorBangkok Petros Polychronidis Official website
 Hungary Ázsia Expressz TV2 2017: Hải DươngBangkok
2019: NegomboChiang Mai
2022: AqabaTashkent
Nóra Ördög Official website
 Israel פקין אקספרס - מסלול הדרקון  Channel 13 2023: TBA Oz Zehavi
 Italy Pechino Express Rai 2 (2012–2020)
Sky Uno, TV8 (2022–)
2012: HaridwarBeijing
2013: HanoiBangkok
2014: MandalayBali
2015: QuitoRio de Janeiro
2016: BogotáMexico City
2017: PagbilaoTokyo
2018: TangierCape Town
2020: Ko Phra ThongSeoul
2022: Uçhisar - Dubai
2023: Mumbai - Angkor
Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia (2012)
Costantino della Gherardesca (2013–)
Enzo Miccio (2022–)
Official website
 Mexico Abandonados Asia Azteca 7 2016: HanoiBangkok Paola Nuñez Official website
 Morocco Dakar Fès Express 2M 2011: DakarFez
2012: WoriManado
Hicham Mesrar Official website
 Poland Azja Express (1–2, 5)
Ameryka Express (3–4)
TVN 2016: HanoiBangkok
2017: SigiriyaMumbai
2018: San Antonio de IbarraCusco
2020: AntiguaCartagena
2023: IstanbulTashkent
Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak (2016–2018)
Daria Ładocha (2020-)
Official website
 Portugal A Grande Aventura TVI 2012: Manado Tua – Manado Fernanda Serrano Official website
 Romania Asia Express (1–4)
America Express (5–)
Antena 1 2018: Hạ LongBangkok
2019: NegomboMumbai
2020: LucenaTaipei
2021: EdirneJerusalem
2023: Querétaro CityCartagena
Gina Pistol (2018–2020)
Marius Damian (2018, 2020-)
Liviu Vârciu (2019)
Andrei Ștefănescu (2019)
Ionuț Dongo (2020-)
Irina Fodor (2021-)
Official website
 Spain Pekín Express Cuatro (2008–2011)
Antena 3 (2015)
laSexta (2016)
2008: MadridPskovBeijing
2009: BeijingMumbai
2010: HanoiBali
2011: Rift ValleyCape Town
2015: MandalaySingapore
2016: AnuradhapuraMumbai
Paula Vázquez (2008)
Raquel Sánchez Silva (2009–2010)
Jesús Vázquez (2011)
Cristina Pedroche (2015–2016)
Official website (Cuatro)
Official website (Antena 3)
Official website (laSexta)


  1. ^ Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the route was changed after 6 months of shooting put on hold. Original plans were to travel through Ethiopia and United Arab Emirates finishing in Dubai, but it was possible to shoot only the 3 first episodes in Uganda.
  2. ^ "Pechino Express".
  3. ^ "Antena 3 arrebata a Cuatro el reality 'Pekín express'".

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