Peking Road

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Peking Road
Peking Road near Canton Road.jpg
Peking Road
Chinese 北京道
The commercial building at 1 Peking Road
Peking Road, viewing from Hankow Road
Peking Road in 2008

Peking Road (/ˌpˈkɪŋ/) is a road between Nathan Road and Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The road is mainly hotels and shopping area on the street level.


The road was initially named Chater Road, after Paul Chater, who developed the southwest point of Tsim Sha Tsui through The Wharf. To avoid confusion with Chater Road on Hong Kong Island, the road was renamed as Peking Road in 1909,[1] where Peking was the old name of the Chinese city Beijing.


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Coordinates: 22°17′47″N 114°10′15″E / 22.29628°N 114.17073°E / 22.29628; 114.17073