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Peklenc (also spelled Pekelnyboh, Pekelnypan, Pekelnik, Lokton) was a chthonic deity of the Slavic mythology. He was the lord of the underground and a divine judge.

Peklenc mastered the subterranean fire by which metals and precious stones were forged. He also reigned over the underground water which, according to the ancient Slavic traditions, caused earthquakes when Peklenc ordered it to reach the surface.

Peklenc had a wholesale knowledge about the deeds of wicked, who were carried next to him to be judged and punished. He was a severe though equal judge, as he provided everybody with the possibility to redeem their past mistakes. The ones who persisted were condemned to death or condemned to punishments depending by their crimes. The cruel were turned into stones, the quarrelsome became werewolves, while the ones who had no compassion towards the others were turned into creatures feeding on their very bodies.

Peklenc was also capable to punish entire peoples by opening deep ravines that swallowed villages and cities, a pond or a lake was left in their place. The inhabitants paid for their punishment by wandering underwater, their desperate scream being transmitted by Oźwiena, the goddess of echo. Peklenc also sent evil spirits against unjust governors, in order to have them abandon their reigns. The latter ruined and, covered back by grass, returned to nature. He could also use basilisks as emissaries or servants.[1]


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