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Pekmez (Üzüm Pekmezi), a Turkish syrup made of grapes (grape syrup) or (Keçiboynuzu Pekmezi) of carob

Pekmez (Turkish: pekmez, from Oghuz Turkic bekmes[1][2]) is a molasses-like syrup obtained after condensing juices of fruit must, especially grape by boiling it with a coagulant agent.[clarification needed] It is used as a syrup or mixed with tahini for breakfast.


Fruit molasses, defrutum, goes back to the classical period.[3]

Regional variants[edit]

In Turkey, sugar beet (şeker pancarı), figs (incir) or mulberry (dut) are often used, as well as juniper berries (andiz). Pekmez made from carob (keçiboynuz or harnup) is popularly recommended as a treatment for iron deficiency anemia.[clarification needed]

In the Balkans, it is more jam-like in texture and usually made of plums. In Greece, it is called petimezi (πετιμέζι).

In Arab cuisine, dibs or dibis is made from pomegranates, grapes, carob,[4] or dates.[3]

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