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Pelaaja ("Gamer") is a Finnish video games magazine published 12 times a year by H-Town. In the Finnish gaming magazine scene Pelaaja is a relative newcomer, challenging mainly the well-established Pelit magazine. Pelaaja covered both PCs and consoles, but since October 2005 the magazine focuses on consoles. The PC coverage was in a separate magazine named PCPelaaja, now defunct. Its editor-in-chief was Miika Huttunen. H-Town decided not to continue publishing PCPelaaja in spring 2007 and transferred the staff involved to work on the website.

Cover of issue 100 of Pelaaja-magazine

History and profile[edit]

Pelaaja was started by 2002.[1] The longest running editor-in-chief of Pelaaja was Thomas Puha. Its current editor-in-chief is Miika Huttunen, a veteran of the Finnish electronic gaming scene and among the permanent staff is Janne Pyykkönen, who is also the editor-in-chief of H-Town's Pelaa! magazine. The art director is Lasse Erkola and some of the frequent collaborators include Miikka Lehtonen, Tero Lehtiniemi and Jukka O. Kauppinen.

The magazine is more akin to European and American videogames magazines than Finnish ones with its focus on exclusive coverage on the latest games and extensive interviews with members of the development community. Game reviews are also a big part of the magazine. The magazine's tagline is "for the love of gaming" as the magazine's staff are hardcore gaming enthusiasts, which is evident in the passionate writing of the magazine features. The magazine was started because the people working on the magazine felt there was no high quality games magazine available in Finland which would focus on console games rather than the PC. Another feature is the international vibe of the magazine via Japan- and US- based writers contributing to the magazine.

Pelaaja focuses heavily on its art direction, which is handled by Lasse Erkola, with additional design during the years from Thomas Puha. The magazine was redesigned in summer of 2005 and re-launched in October 2005. Another redesign coincided with the magazine's 10th anniversary issue #121 in October 2012. PC games also made a return to the magazine during this redesign.

Puha and Huttunen are known to cable television and public broadcasting channel viewing audiences for both their games related program appearances and their program featuring neat webpages.

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