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Enypniastes sp.jpg
Enypniastes sp.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Holothuroidea
Subclass: Aspidochirotacea
Order: Elasipodida
Family: Pelagothuriidae
Ludwig, 1893

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Pelagothuriidae is a family of deep-sea swimming sea cucumbers. They are somewhat unusual in appearance, in comparison with other sea cucumbers, having numerous appendages, including conical papillae and leaf-like tentacles. Most of them are benthopelagic, which means that they are able to swim for a time from the bottom : the species Pelagothuria natatrix is the only true pelagic holothurian (and echinoderm, to date) ; it looks like a jellyfish. Most members of the order inhabit deep-sea environments, like Enypniastes.[1]


Family: Pelagothuriidae

The only true pelagic echinoderm known to date : Pelagothuria natatrix (here close to the Galapagos).



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