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Vârful Peleaga
Sign indicating the elevation at the Peleaga summit
Highest point
Elevation2,509 m (8,232 ft)[1]
Prominence1,759 m (5,771 ft)[1]
Coordinates45°21′58″N 22°53′40″E / 45.36611°N 22.89444°E / 45.36611; 22.89444Coordinates: 45°21′58″N 22°53′40″E / 45.36611°N 22.89444°E / 45.36611; 22.89444[1]
Vârful Peleaga is located in Romania
Vârful Peleaga
Vârful Peleaga
Location in Romania
LocationHunedoara, Romania
Parent rangeRetezat Mountains, Southern Carpathians

Peleaga (Vârful Peleaga) is a mountain in Romania. It is the highest point in the Retezat Mountains with a summit elevation of 2,509 metres above sea level.[2] Peleaga is located in the Romanian county of Hunedoara and lies within the region of Romania known as Transylvania.

In addition to its highest peak Peleaga, the Retezat Mountains, part of the Southern Carpathians, are home to some of the highest massifs in Romania. Other important peaks in the range are Păpuşa (Varful Păpuşa) and Retezat Peak (Vârful Retezat). The Retezat Mountains have many glacial lakes, including the largest one in Romania, Bucura Lake (lacul Bucura), which covers 8.9 ha and is situated at an elevation of 2,030 metres. The area also contains the Retezat National Park, Romania's first national park.

The Retezat Mountains seen from atop one of them (Vârfu Mare, "The Big Peak")

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