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There is also a place called Pelham in Birmingham, Alabama

Pelham is a small "sub-area" of inner-city Alum Rock, Birmingham, England, that surrounds the former proximity of The Pelham Arms pub (demolished in 2007), and is roughly at the point where Saltley and Ward End meet. There are a few local shops, and there used to be a three-screen movie theatre, Capitol Cinema, there before it was closed down in 1996.

It should be stressed that "Pelham" does not appear on any maps, nor is it officially recognised, and that the term is used only locally to describe the area surrounding the former site of the Pelham Arms Pub landmark by attributing the name of the pub to the area. This appears to happen frequently in Birmingham, with other examples being "The Fox And Goose", “The Broadway” and "The Scott Arms".

During 2006 and 2007, Birmingham City Council launched a housing improvement scheme which involved improving hundreds of properties in the Hodge Hill area, which therefore encompassed "Pellham". 328 houses received heating, 386 received new windows, 370 received rainwater goods and 393 received new doors.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°29′17″N 1°50′25″W / 52.4881°N 1.8404°W / 52.4881; -1.8404