Pelican (train)

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Pelican ad.jpeg
Southern's advertisement touting the Pelican service
Service type Inter-city rail
Last service 1970
Former operator(s) Southern Railway
Start New York, New York
End New Orleans, Louisiana

The Pelican was a named train of the Southern Railway which ran from New York City to New Orleans and back until 1970.


The Pelican (Train #41/42) departed New York's Pennsylvania Station going south via the Pennsylvania Railroad to Washington, DC, then on Southern's line to Lynchburg, Virginia, then to Bristol, Virginia via the Norfolk and Western Railroad with a major stop in Roanoke, Virginia. From Bristol to New Orleans, the Pelican ran on Southern's line with major station stops in Knoxville, Tennessee, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Birmingham, Alabama and Meridian, Mississippi.

Train Number 42, the northbound The Pelican reversed the route.

In 1957, The Pelican carried:[1]


With passenger traffic declining, the Pelican was combined with the Birmingham Special in 1970.[2]


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