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Pelican Publishing Company
Pelican Publishing Company logo.jpg
Parent companyArcadia Publishing
FounderJohn McClure
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew Orleans, Louisiana
DistributionUnited States and worldwide
Publication typesBooks
Nonfiction topicshistory, travel guides, art, architecture, children's books, textbooks, Louisiana

Pelican Publishing Company is a book publisher based in Gretna, a suburb of New Orleans. Formed in 1926, Pelican is the largest independent trade book publisher located in the U.S. South.[citation needed] Pelican publishes approximately 60 titles per year and maintains a backlist of over 2500 books.[1] Most of its titles relate to Louisiana and Southern culture, cuisine, art, travel guides, history, children's books, and textbooks.


Formed in 1926 by John McClure, Pelican was tied early in its history to William Faulkner and Stuart O. Landry. In 1970, Dr. Milburn E. Calhoun and family acquired Pelican. Calhoun served as company president and publisher prior to his death in 2012. Since his passing, daughter Kathleen Calhoun Nettleton has occupied his place as publisher and president.

In May 2019, the company's assets was officially purchased by Arcadia Publishing.[2] The purchased titles are now under the Pelican Publishing imprint of Arcadia Publishing. The company itself is still owned by Kathleen Calhoun Nettleton and the retained titles and rights are handled by her firm.[citation needed]

Significant titles[edit]

Pelican Publishing Company has produced many noteworthy titles, including the following:

Pelican also has a history of publishing books that advance white supremacist or racist views. It published a number of Stuart Omer Landry's racist tracts, including The Cult of Equality: A Study of the Race Problem[5] and Rebuilding the Tower of Babel: A Study of Christianity and Segregation.[6]

Pelican has been called "one of the leading, if not the leading, publisher of neo-Confederate books," including books that helped "found the modern neo-Confederate movement."[7] Among the titles it has published are The Southern Nation: The New Rise of the Old South,[8] Myths of American Slavery,[9] and The South Was Right![10]


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