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Pelikaanimies poster.jpg
Film poster for Pelikaanimies
Directed by Liisa Helminen
Produced by Hanna Hemilä
Written by William Alridge,
Liisa Helminen
Starring Kari Ketonen,
Roni Haarakangas,
Inka Nuorgam
Cinematography Timo Salminen
Distributed by Buena Vista International (Finland)
Release date
Running time
1h 30min
Language Finnish

Pelicanman (Finnish: Pelikaanimies) is a 2004 Finnish fantasy film.


A pelican magically changes his appearance into that of a young man. He walks and acts somewhat oddly compared to real humans, and at first he does not know much about humans, but he learns fast. He rents an apartment and gets a job. The 10-year-old boy Emil finds out that he is a pelican, and they become friends.

The pelican man is sent to a zoo, but Emil helps him escape. Then the pelican man changes back to pelican appearance.


In the scene where the camera shifts to Katajanokka seen from the Helsinki Market Square, the Norrmén house by Theodor Höijer is seen in the place of the Enso-Gutzeit main office by Alvar Aalto that is actually situated there. This is because the director is among those Finns who dislike Aalto's building, and would have preferred Höijer's building to remain in its place.

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