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Pelle Åkerlind (born September 1972) Is a Swedish musician, playing drums for various bands including the Swedish metal bands Morgana Lefay, Bloodbound,[1] and Trail of Murder. He also provides backing vocals.


Pelle Åkerlind was born in Söderhamn, Sweden in September 1972. He has one brother a sister and several other half-brothers/sisters. He began playing at age 8.[2]

In 2006, Morgana Lefay split with their drummer and Åkerlind was asked to join them. Later that year, he recorded the drums for the single Over And Over Again and the album Aberrations of the Mind. Åkerlind joined Bloodbound in 2007 and recorded drums for "Book of the Dead", released in 2007. Åkerlind has also been involved in the bands Lednote, Rocktools and Nordman, and he performed with Paul Di'Anno, Jan Johansen (singer), Style (Swedish band), Jessica Andersson, Micke "Syd" Andersson, Pandora (singer), Niclas Wahlgren, Monica Törnell, and Sahlene.


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