Pellegrini Lake

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Pellegrini Lake
ISS008-E-6023 Pellegrini Lake, Neuquén River.jpg
The lake (left) from space
Location General Roca Department, Río Negro Province, Argentina, in Patagonia
Coordinates 38°40′S 68°00′W / 38.667°S 68.000°W / -38.667; -68.000Coordinates: 38°40′S 68°00′W / 38.667°S 68.000°W / -38.667; -68.000
Type artificial lake
Basin countries Argentina
Surface area 112 km2 (43 sq mi)
Average depth 9.4 m (31 ft)
Max. depth 18 m (59 ft)
Surface elevation 270 m (890 ft)

The Pellegrini Lake is an artificial lake located on the Argentine Patagonia, in the province of Río Negro, near the city of Cinco Saltos, at approximately 38°40′S 68°00′W / 38.667°S 68.000°W / -38.667; -68.000 and 270 m above mean sea level.

This reservoir was originally a natural depressed area, possibly excavated by eolic forces, which was later filled with water brought by a derivation channel from the nearby Neuquén River, in order to regulate its flow (since the river had no natural lakes that would fulfill this function). It has mean and maximum depths of 9.4 and 18 m, respectively. It covers an area of 112 km² and has a volume of 1.053×109 m³.

The lake is employed for commercial fishing of trucha criolla (Percichthys trucha, a species of temperate perch) and pejerrey (Odontesthes microlepidotus, a neotropical silverside), as well as sport fishing, recreation and tourism.


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