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This article is about the city in Achaea, which should not be confused with Pellene in Lacedaemon or Pallene.

Pellene (/pəˈln/; Greek: Πελλήνη) was the easternmost city-state (polis) of ancient Greek Achaea. The ruins are southwest of Xylokastro on the northern coast of the Peloponnese. In ancient times the city had a famous temple of Artemis.


Pellene sided with Sparta throughout the Peloponnesian War. It was a member of the first Achaean League until that League was dissolved by Alexander the Great. In the 4th century BC it was ruled for some time by a tyrant, but around 270/265 BC it was again a democracy joining the revived Achaean League. In 241 BC Pellene was briefly conquered by the Aetolian League, but the raiding party was expelled by Aratus of Sicyon in the Battle of Pellene.[1] In 225 BC it was captured by Cleomenes III of Sparta, but after the successful intervention of Macedon it was returned to Achaea the following year.[2] Pellene remained a member of the Achaean League until the Roman conquest in 146 BC.

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Coordinates: 38°02′40″N 22°32′30″E / 38.04444°N 22.54167°E / 38.04444; 22.54167