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Pellicle may refer to:

  • Pellicle (biology), a thin layer supporting the cell membrane in various protozoa
  • Pellicle mirror, a thin plastic membrane which may be used as a beam splitter or protective cover in optical systems
  • Pellicle (dental), the thin layer of salivary glycoproteins deposited on the teeth of many species through normal biologic processes
  • Pellicle, the protective cover which can be applied to a photomask used in semiconductor device fabrication. The pellicle protects the photomask from damage and dirt
  • Pellicle, the growth on the surface of a liquid, also known as SCOBY
  • Pellicle (cooking), a skin or coating of proteins on the surface of meat, fish or poultry, which allow smoke to better adhere the surface of the meat during the smoking process.
  • Pellicle (material), a brand name for a very resistant synthetic material used for covering different surfaces, such as that of the Aeron chair