Pelly Mountains

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Pelly Mountains
Dease and Simpson - Arctic expedition 1837.png
The Pelly Mountains in an 1837 map by Peter W. Dease and Thomas Simpson plotted during their Arctic expedition.
Country Canada
State/Province Yukon
Range coordinates 61°35′N 133°11′W / 61.583°N 133.183°W / 61.583; -133.183Coordinates: 61°35′N 133°11′W / 61.583°N 133.183°W / 61.583; -133.183
Parent range Yukon Ranges

The Pelly Mountains are a mountain range in the Yukon, Canada. It has an area of 44014 km2 and is a subrange of the Yukon Ranges which in turn form part of the Pacific Coast Ranges.[1]


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