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Pelni Ship Route Network 2006
A Pelni ferry
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Pelni (Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia) is the national shipping company of Indonesia. Currently Pelni operates twenty-six ships; twenty-three of these are passenger ships that serve a variety of routes within the archipelago and connects all the main islands of Indonesia from Sumatra to Papua, mostly on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

The two easternmost destinations of Pelni ships are Jayapura and Merauke, in Papua, both close to the border with PNG. There are no regular ferry services between Jayapura, the capital of Indonesian Papua, and Vanimo, in the Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea.

The reason for this anomaly could be political in nature, as members of the OPM (Oraganisasi Papua Merdeka), a militant group seeking to establish a separate government in Papua, often seek refuge in PNG, especially during times of hightened conflict with the Indonesian police.

In Borneo Pelni ships also operate only in Kalimantan and not in the Malaysian part of the island.

Pelni is therefore a purely national company, with no connections with neighbouring regions, not even across the very narrow Malacca Strait, which divides Sumatra from peninsular Malaysia.

List of Pelni ships[edit]

  • KM Awu
  • KM Binaiya
  • KM Bukit Raya
  • KM Bukit Siguntang
  • KM Ciremai
  • KM Dobonsolo
  • KM Dorolonda
  • KM Fudi (overturned while docked at Tanjung Perak port in Surabaya, attempts to refloat her was unsuccessful, so she is scrapped onsite a year later)
  • KM Ganda Dewata
  • KM Ego
  • KM Kelimutu
  • KM Kelud
  • KM Lawit
  • KM Labobar
  • KM Leuser
  • KM Lambelu
  • KM Pangrango
  • KM Nggapulu
  • KM Sangiang
  • KM Sirimau
  • KM Sinabung
  • KM Tatamailau
  • KM Tidar
  • KM Tilongkabila
  • KM Umsini

The following ships do not have a regular schedule

  • KM Kerinci
  • KFC Jet Liner
  • KM Wilis

The following ships are granted by Pelni to be in service with TNI–AL

  • KM Kambuna (Now KRI Tanjung Nusanive)
  • KM Rinjani (Now KRI Tanjung Fatagar)[1]


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