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Pelsaert Island is one of the islands of the Pelsaert Group, which is the southernmost of the three groups of islands that make up the Houtman Abrolhos island chain in Western Australia.

Nominally located at 28°54′S 113°54′E / 28.900°S 113.900°E / -28.900; 113.900Coordinates: 28°54′S 113°54′E / 28.900°S 113.900°E / -28.900; 113.900,[1] it consists of a number of islands, the largest of which are Gun Island, Middle Island, and Pelsaert Island itself.

The group and island is named after a Dutch "opperkoopman" who stranded nearby with the VOC-ship "Batavia" in 1629.[2][3]

The island is a significant bird site.[4][5][6]

The island and group contains the most southerly true coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.[7]

The Ben Ledi, was wrecked off Pelsaert Island in 1879.

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