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Pembela Tanah Air Museum (PETA Museum) is museum in Bogor, Indonesia. The museum was established to provide a tribute to former soldiers (PETA) for their contributions in establishment the nation.[1] In addition, the museum also gives an overview of Indonesia's independence struggle and preparation to fulfil its independence.[1][2]


The original building housing the museum was built in 1745 by colonial army soldiers in a European (British) style.[3] In 1943, the building was used as an army training centre (still under the control of Japan).[3] Development of the PETA Museum began on 14 November 1993 with the laying of the first stone by the Vice President, Umar Wirahadikusumah.[4] The development took approximately two years and was inaugurated by President Suharto on December 18, 1995.[4]

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