Pembina (provincial electoral district)

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The 1998-2011 boundaries of Pembina highlighted in red

For the Albertan electoral district of the same name, see Pembina (Alberta electoral district)

Pembina was a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba.


The original riding of Pembina was created in 1878, in what was then the southwestern corner of the province. It was eliminated in 1879. The riding's sole Member of the Legislative Assembly was John Stevenson, who was elected in opposition to John Norquay's government, but supported Norquay's short-lived anglophone ministry in 1879.


The most recent Pembina constituency was created by redistribution in 1956, and existed from the 1958 provincial election until the 2011 election.

Pembina was located in the southern part of the province. It was bordered to the north by Carman, to the east by Emerson, to the west by Turtle Mountain, and to the south by the American state of North Dakota.

The main communities in the riding were Morden and Winkler.

Pembina's population in 1996 was 20,177. In 1999, the average family income was $44,624, and the unemployment rate was 5.00%. Manufacturing accounts for 17% of the riding's industry, followed by agriculture at 16%. A quarter of the riding's population has less than a Grade Nine education. Twenty-four per cent of the riding's residents listed German as their ethnic origin, followed by Mennonites at 9% and Dutch at 8%.

The riding was only held by the Progressive Conservative Party, and was considered extremely safe for that party. The last MLA, Peter George Dyck, was re-elected with over 75% of the vote in 2003, despite his party losing other seats across the province.

Following the 2008 electoral redistribution, Pembina was dissolved into Emerson and the newly created ridings of Midland and Morden-Winkler for the 2011 election.

Member of the Legislative Assembly[edit]

Name Party Took Office Left Office
John Stevenson Opposition/Conservative 1878 1879
John Stevenson Government/Conservative 1879 1879
Name Party Took Office Left Office
Maurice Ridley PC 1958 1960
Carolyne Morrison PC 1960 1969
George Henderson PC 1969 1977
Donald Orchard PC 1977 1995
Peter George Dyck PC 1995 2011

Electoral results[edit]

Manitoba general election, 2007
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
     Progressive Conservative Peter George Dyck 5,192 77.06% +0.82% $12,384.46
New Democratic Lisa Moore 1,120 14.25% +0.01% $517.81
Liberal Ralph Gowan 570 8.46% +0.26% $2636.35
Total valid votes 6,722 99.76
Rejected and declined ballots 16
Turnout 6,738 44.95 +1.85%
Electors on the lists 14,989


Manitoba general election, 2003
Party Candidate Votes % Expenditures
     Progressive Conservative Peter George Dyck 4,694 76.24 $7,710.31
New Democratic Mary Johnson 877 14.24 $716.46
Liberal Marilyn Skubovius 505 8.20 $238.00
Communist Aaron Crossman 81 1.32 $388.23
Total valid votes 6,157 100.00
Rejected and declined ballots 18
Turnout 6,175 43.10
Electors on the lists 14,326


Manitoba general election, 1999
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
     Progressive Conservative Peter George Dyck 4,808 68.60 $22,051.63
New Democratic Celso Arévalo 1,120 15.98 $231.00
Liberal Marilyn Skubovius 1,039 14.82 $959.87
Total valid votes 6,967 99.40
Rejected and declined ballots 42
Turnout 7,009 52.56
Electors on the lists 13,335



Coordinates: 49°10′26″N 98°15′40″W / 49.174°N 98.261°W / 49.174; -98.261