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Pembina Institute
Founded 1985, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada
Focus Sustainable energy, Climate change, Oil sands
Area served
Method Research, education, consulting, advocacy

The Pembina Institute is a Canadian non-profit think tank focused on energy. Founded in 1985, the institute has offices in Calgary, Drayton Valley, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Yellowknife.[1]


The Pembina Institute advocates sustainable energy policy solutions through research, education, consulting and advocacy. Their key energy issues include ramping up energy efficiency, avoiding dangerous climate changes, promoting the use of renewable energy, support for clean technology exports [2] and the responsible development of fossil fuels.[3]

They have advocated against the use of nuclear power,[4] fossil fuels (coal power,[5] and petroleum[6]) in favor of large scale hydroelectricity, energy efficiency, conservation measures and renewable energy (such as solar and wind power).[7][8]

The Pembina Institute is also involved in the "Renewable is Doable" initiative with WWF-Canada.[9]

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