Penama Province

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Penama in Vanuatu
Flag of Penama Province

Penama is one of the six provinces of Vanuatu, located in the northeast of the country and consisting of three major islands:

The name Penama is derived from the initial letters of PENtecost, Ambae and MAewo.


It has a population of 30,819 (2009 census) [1] people and an area of 1,198 km². Its capital is Saratamata on Ambae.


Name Population Area in km2
Ambae 10,407 398
Maewo 3,569 269
Pentecost 16,843 490


  1. ^ 2009 Census Summary release final - Government of Vanuatu

Coordinates: 15°30′S 168°00′E / 15.500°S 168.000°E / -15.500; 168.000