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Penampang Town

Pekan Penampang
District Capital
Penampang town centre
Penampang town centre.
Location of Penampang Town
Coordinates: 5°55′00″N 116°07′00″E / 5.91667°N 116.11667°E / 5.91667; 116.11667Coordinates: 5°55′00″N 116°07′00″E / 5.91667°N 116.11667°E / 5.91667; 116.11667
Country Malaysia
State Sabah
DivisionWest Coast
 • Total93,616

Penampang (Malay: Pekan Penampang) is the capital of the Penampang District in the West Coast Division of Sabah, Malaysia. Its population was estimated to be around 93,616 in 2010,[1] with ethnic Kadazan as the majority. The town has virtually become a suburb of Kota Kinabalu and considered as part of Greater Kota Kinabalu area.[2]


The name Penampang came from an old village within the district. The village's name in turn originates from a Kadazan word pampang meaning a big rock. This is because huge rocks were easily found within the vicinity of the village a long time ago. The name in contemporary usage refers to the district, with the town of Donggongon as the main town within the district of Penampang. The name Donggongon originates from Kadazan word tundo'ongon which means a 'shelter' or a 'resting area', referring to its historical role as a stop-over for people from the interior who journeyed down the coast to trade. Penampang as a name reference of this area is of a relatively new origin. Early British explorer, John Whitehead who had explored North Borneo in the 1880s referred to this district as Patatan.[3] Owen Rutter, a civil servant in North Borneo from 1910 to 1914 similarly referred to this area as Putatan.[4]


Mega Long Mall, Donggongon.

Penampang strives as one of the major industrial and commercial centres within the greater Kota Kinabalu area. Many retail stores are found scattered in the district primarily in the Donggongon area, anywhere along Penampang Lama Road and Penampang-KK Bypass Road. The Mega Long Mall is a shopping centre situated in Donggongon with many retail shops such as Giant Hypermarket, cinema, restaurants and many others. A second shopping centre is currently under construction at the Penampang-KK Bypass Road which would consist of a hotel, office space, shopping mall and a multi-purpose commercial centre.


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