Penang Chinese Girls' High School

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Penang Chinese Girls' High School
2 Jalan Gottlieb
George Town, Penang
Type Public school
All-girls school
Motto Decorum, Honesty, Diligence, Simplicity
Established March 1919[citation needed]
Principal Ng Choy Leng 伍彩玲
Enrollment approx. 3500
Affiliations Penang Chinese (Private) Girls' High School
Penang Chinese Girls' Primary School

Penang Chinese Girls' High School (PCGHS) (Chinese: 槟城槟华女子国民型中学, Hanyu Pinyin: Bīnchéng bīnhuá nǘzǐ guómínxíng zhōngxué; Malay: Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Perempuan China Pulau Pinang) is one of the all-girls[citation needed] secondary schools in Malaysia. Often referred to as "Bīn huá" among the local Chinese community in Penang. The school provides continuous education, ranging from pre-primary or kindergarten to pre-university studies.


17 March 1919 Proposal by 4 prominent members of the Hokkien Community—Mr. Tan Sin Chen, Mr. Lim Lu Tek, Mr. Khor Sen Lee and Mr. Cheah Seng Tin, to establish a school for Chinese girls. This fact still stands as the number of non-Chinese among its enrolment and alumni is next to none. The proposal was [unanimously approved and the Fukien Girls' School was established. Originally, the school was intended to be opened on 15 January 1920, but was delayed due to a number of problems among which were the lack of teachers and pupils.

8 March 1920 Official opening of Fukien Girls' High School at Macalister Road.

11 March 1951 Fukien Girls' School was renamed as the Penang Chinese Girls' High School and the primary school was renamed as the Penang Chinese Girls' Primary School.

January 1956 The students attend their classes at the new school building at 2, Gottlieb Road

1962 The school accepted full government aid. As a consequence, the school was divided into 2 sections—a national-type school and an independent high school (for overaged pupils).

1963 A kindergarten was opened. Thus, the school now provides continuous education from kindergarten to school certificate. (UPSR for primary level, SPM for secondary level and STPM for pre-university level)

Sports Houses[edit]

Penang Chinese Girls' High School has five sport houses:

  • Red House
  • Yellow House
  • Blue House
  • Green House
  • Purple House


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