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Three Penang ferries docked at the Butterworth ferry terminal.
Routes across Selatan Strait (Penang Strait) as of 2014.

The Penang Ferry Service is the oldest ferry service in Malaysia. Located in the state of Penang, this famous ferry service connects Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal in Butterworth to Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal at Weld Quay in George Town on Penang Island. The ferries are designed for vehicles to roll-on/roll-off. Some board pedestrian passengers on the upper deck and small vehicles (cars) on the lower deck, whereas some board vehicles on both decks.

The benches for passengers on the upper decks have pivoting backs that can be flipped back and forth so passengers can sit facing in the direction of travel regardless of which way the ferry is going.


The ferry service began operation in 1920, under the management of a Chinese-owned company. However, today, it is operated by Penang Port Sdn Bhd.

Ferry fleet[edit]

The seven ferries in the current fleet and ten retired ferry are named after islands in Malaysia.[1]

Status Configuration Name Year built Deadweight tonnage IMO ship identification number Photograph
Retired Passenger (upper deck)
Vehicle (lower deck)[2]
Pulau Labuan 1971 139 7038408 Pgferry Pulau Labuan.jpg
Out of
Mixed Passenger/Vehicle (upper deck)
Vehicle (lower deck)
Pulau Rawa 1975 262 7343736 FERRY RAWA.JPG
In service Passenger (upper deck)
Vehicle (lower deck)
Pulau Talang Talang 1975 262 7343748 Pgferry talang.jpg
In service Mixed Passenger/Vehicle (upper deck)
Vehicle (lower deck)
Pulau Undan 1975 262 7343724 Pgferry undan.jpg
Out of
Mixed Passenger/Vehicle (upper deck)
Vehicle (lower deck)
Pulau Rimau 1980 100 7911076 Pgferry Rimau.jpg
In service Mixed Passenger/Vehicle (upper deck)
Vehicle (lower deck)
Pulau Angsa 1981 100 8010491 Pgferry angsa.jpg
In service Mixed Passenger/Vehicle (upper deck)
Vehicle (lower deck)
Pulau Kapas 1981 280 8101082 Pgferry kapas.jpg
In service Vehicle (both decks) Pulau Payar 2002 440 9254393 Pgferry Payar.jpg
In service Vehicle (both decks) Pulau Pinang 2002 440 9275244 Pgferry Pinang.jpg

Major events[edit]

Ferry schedule[edit]

A typical passenger deck
A typical vehicle deck
The Butterworth passenger waiting area

Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim (Mainland Side)[edit]

  • First ferry departure : 0520 hours
  • Last ferry departure : 0000 hours
  • Duration : 15-20mins
  • Hotline : 604-3102 377

Pangkalan Raja Tun Uda (Island side)[edit]

  • First ferry departure : 0540 hours
  • Last ferry departure : 0040 hours
  • Duration : 15-20mins
  • Hotline : 604-2102 363

Arrival Interval[edit]

  • 5.20 am to 10.00p.m. : 20 – 30 minutes with 4 ferries operational
  • 10.00 pm to 1.00a.m : 40 minutes with 1 ferry operational

Ferry rates[edit]


Type Rate (in Malaysian Ringgit (RM))
Adult RM1.20
Children (between 5 and 12 years old RM0.60

Season ticket (pedestrians) – valid for two months from date of issue[edit]

Type Rate (in Malaysian Ringgit (RM))
Adult RM30.00

Special passengers[edit]

Type Rate (in Malaysian Ringgit (RM))
Students in school uniform RM0.60
Holders of Kad Orang Kurang Upaya (Disabled Person Card) Free


Type of vehicles Rate (in Malaysian Ringgit (RM))
Bicycle RM1.40
Motorcycle (inclusive of pillion rider) RM2.00
Trishaw/tricycle RM3.00
Motorcar (including station wagon, four-wheel drive, three-wheel commercial vehicle, motorcycle with side car) RM7.70
Lorry (2 axles with 4 wheels) RM13.20
Lorry (2 axles with 6 wheels) RM27.50


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