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For the federal constituency represented in the Dewan Rakyat, see Pendang (federal constituency).
Pendang District
District of Malaysia
Country  Malaysia
State  Kedah
Seat Pendang
 • District officer Tuan Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Haji Ahmad
 • Total 629.29 km2 (242.97 sq mi)
Postcode 06xxx
Vehicle registration K

The Pendang District (Chinese: 本同、笨同) is a town, a district and a parliamentary constituency in Kedah, Malaysia. The district is primarily covered with paddy fields with agriculture being its main economic activity.[1]


Pendang District spans over an area of 629 km2 with a population of 112,000 people. Pendang town is about 20 km from state capital Alor Setar.


Historically, Pendang was one of the largest breeding grounds for the elephants used to transport tributary goods to Thailand. Pendang was previously part of Alor Setar, and was contested as Kota Star Selatan until the 1980s. Pendang became a district in its own right in February 1975.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Pendang District is divided into 8 mukims, which are:

  • Air Puteh
  • Bukit Raya
  • Guar Kepayang
  • Padang Kerbau
  • Padang Peliang
  • Padang Pusing
  • Rambai
  • Tobiar

Tourist attractions[edit]

There is a famous Pendang Lake Recreational & Resort near the Pendang town centre. Other major attractions include Masjid Pendang, Stadium Mini Pendang and night market.


The main road is Jalan Raja Hasrul Raja Hassan, said to be the longest municipal named road in Kedah state - up to 85 kilometers.


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Coordinates: 6°00′N 100°28′E / 6.000°N 100.467°E / 6.000; 100.467