Pendik Naval Shipyard

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Coordinates: 40°51′44.85″N 29°15′47.89″E / 40.8624583°N 29.2633028°E / 40.8624583; 29.2633028 Pendik Naval Shipyard (Turkish: Pendik Donanma Tersanesi) is a naval shipyard of the Turkish Navy on the northeastern coast of the Sea of Marmara in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey. It is the largest shipbuilding facility in Turkey.[1]

The shipyard has one of the largest shipbuilding drydocks in the country, with the dimensions of 300x50x8.5 meters (length x width x depth).[2] The drydock is serviced by one Kone portal crane with the lifting capacity of 450 tons.

In addition, the shipyard has a semi-drydock slipway with the dimiensions of 200x38 meters (length by width), serviced by one portal crane with the lifting capacity of 300 tons.[3]

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