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Pendine (Welsh: Pentywyn, "end of the dunes") is a village and community in Carmarthenshire, Wales, lying on the northern shore of Carmarthen Bay. It is bordered by the communities of Eglwyscummin and Llanddowror, both being in Carmarthenshire. The population at the 2011 census was 346.[1]


The village consists of two parts: the old hill-top settlement around the parish church, and the small harbour settlement on the shore. The latter developed into a small seaside resort during the 20th century. With time this has become Pendine. Pendein and Pendyne have also been recorded. The seaside resort is best known for Pendine Sands, where Malcolm Campbell and J. G. Parry-Thomas set the world land speed record five times between 1924 and 1927. Parry-Thomas was killed while making a final record-breaking attempt on Pendine Sands in 1927.


Pendine community's population was 346, according to the 2011 census;[2] a 1.4% decrease since the 351 people noted in 2001.[3]

The community, which covers an area of 409 hectares (1.58 sq mi),[2] lies a few miles south of the linguistic boundary known as the Landsker line, and is predominantly English-speaking. The 2011 census showed 18.2% of the population could speak Welsh, a rise from 13.9% in 2001.[4]

Places of interest[edit]

The village is home to the Pendine Museum of Speed, which for part of the summer has Parry-Thomas's restored car Babs on display.

Other information[edit]

Pendine Sands, 2008

On occasions, part of the beach is used by the QinetiQ for firing practice.

The BBC show Top Gear have twice test driven on the sands. Cars were banned from the beach between 2005 and 2010 but are now permitted again.

Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club is allowed to use the beach for wind-traction activities, including land sailing, kite buggying and kite landboarding.


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