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Pendleton is a neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pendleton is a small neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, located on the east side of Over-the-Rhine, north of the Central Business District, and south of Mount Auburn. It is home of the Pendleton Art Center. The triangle-shaped boundaries of the neighborhood are Liberty Street, Reading Road/Central Parkway, and Sycamore Street. The population was 900 at the 2010 census.[1]

The neighborhood was named after George H. Pendleton (1825–1889), a U.S. Representative and Senator whose house still stands in the area.[2]

Sometimes the neighborhood is referred to as the "Pendleton Art District"[3] of Over-the-Rhine because of its small size, but Pendleton and Over-the-Rhine are officially two separate neighborhoods in District 1 of the City of Cincinnati.[4]

Pendleton is considered a neighborhood in the Over-the-Rhine Historic District by the City of Cincinnati[5] and the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce.[6]



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