Pendragon: Sword of His Father

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Pendragon: Sword of His Father
Pendragon- Sword of His Father.jpg
Directed byChad Burns
StarringAaron Burns
Nick Burns
Marilyn Burns
Erik Dewar
Andy Burns
Music byAaron Burns
Marilyn Burns
CinematographyEthan Ledden
Edited byNicholas Burns
Burns Family Studios
Release date
  • November 25, 2008 (2008-11-25)
Running time
111 minutes
CountryUnited States

Pendragon: Sword of His Father is a 2008 Christian historical fiction[1] film based on the Arthurian legend directed by Chad Burns.[2] It was filmed in five U.S. states, and was released on November 25, 2008. The film won "Best Family Picture" and two other awards at the 2009 Bare Bones International Film Festival,[3] and will also be featured at the SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival.[4]


The story is set in 411 AD, one year after the legions of Rome withdrew from the Isle of Britannia. Pendragon is the story of young Artos who is raised to believe that God has a purpose for his life. After a tragic event resulting in the burning of his village, the death of his father, and the disappearance of his little sister Adria, he is taken into slavery by the Saxons, where Artos begins to question his God. He soon manages to escape from the Saxons and is nursed back to health by a Roman outcast named Lailoken. When he fully recovers, Artos travels to a Celtic fortress hidden in the Welsh mountains where he becomes a great warrior under King Ambrosius. Advancing through the military ranks, Artos begins to understand that his father's vision was not based on the strength of man, but on the plan of God. However, his success causes one of Ambrosius's men, his pagan Captain of the Guard Cadern, to become jealous of Artos's rapid rise to power in the military. Using a secret guard that he created several years ago, Cadern is able to murder Ambrosius, and to frame the assassination on Artos. While on trial, Artos escapes from the court, and is able to elude Cadern's elite guard. Further events force Artos to decide between following God's plan unto certain death or abandoning God to save himself.


  • Aaron Burns as Artos Pendragon
  • Nick Burns as Cadeyrn-Ambrosius' pagan captain of the guard, ruthless and jealous of Artos' rise in rank and favor
  • Marilyn Burns as Wenneveria-The beautiful daughter of Ambrosinus
  • Erik Dewar as Brotus
  • Andy Burns as Ambrosius
  • Chad Burns as Lailoken
  • Raymond Burns as Justinian Pendragon-father of Artos and a garrison commander in the east of britannia; killed during the initial Saxon invasion.
  • Rebekah Wixom as Adria-Artos' sister


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