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Penelope Williamson
BornFairbanks, Alaska, United States
Pen namePenelope Williamson,
Elizabeth Lambert
Penn Williamson

Penelope Williamson (b. Fairbanks, Alaska, United States) is an American writer of romance novels as her real name and as the pen names Elizabeth Lambert and Penn Williamson.

Penelope Williamson lives with her husband in Idaho. According to WorldCat, her most widely held book, The Outsider, is in 1,868 libraries; Heart of the West is in 1,827.[1] Her books have been translated into French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Hungarian, Japanese, Swedish, and Russian.



As Penelope Williamson[edit]

  • Beloved Rogue (May 1988)
  • Hearts Beguiled (June 1989)
  • A Wild Yearning (1991) - Winner of RITA Award
  • Keeper of the Dream (April 1992) - Winner of RITA Award
  • Once in a Blue Moon (May 1993)
  • Heart of the West (April 1995)
  • The Outsider (July 1996)
  • The Passions of Emma (September 1997) - Nominated for RITA Award
  • Wages of Sin (March 2003)
  • The Accident (August 2005)

As Elizabeth Lambert[edit]

  • Wings of Desire (August 1989)

As Penn Williamson[edit]

  • Mortal Sins (June 2000)


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