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Peng Tsu Ann (born 1936) is a Singaporean mathematician, and the first University of Singapore (now the National University of Singapore, Abbreviation: NUS) graduate to obtain a PhD in mathematics. Peng was the Head of the Department of Mathematics at NUS from 1982 to 1996 and oversaw its rapid growth during the period.[1][2]

In mathematics, Peng’s research interests are in group theory. He was a visiting member at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in the spring of 1989.[3]


Peng obtained his BSc from the University of Singapore in 1962 and PhD from the University of London in 1965 (under the direction of Karl Walter Gruenberg). He received a British Commonwealth Scholarship in 1962 and a Fellowship in 1972 under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan.[4] Peng served as President of the Singapore Mathematical Society from 1980 to 1982, and in 1987.[5]

Peng played a major role in organizing the Singapore Group Theory Conference in 1987, where the invited speakers included Walter Feit, Graham Higman, Jean-Pierre Serre, Michio Suzuki, and John G. Thompson.[6]

Peng retired from the Department of Mathematics at NUS in 1996.


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