Penghu County Government

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Penghu County Government
Seal of the Penghu County Government

Penghu County Hall
Agency overview
Formed22 January 1946[1]
JurisdictionPenghu County
HeadquartersMagong, Penghu, Taiwan
Agency executive
WebsiteOfficial website
Lai Feng-wei, the incumbent Magistrate of Penghu County

The Penghu County Government (traditional Chinese: 澎湖縣政府; simplified Chinese: 澎湖县政府; pinyin: Pēnghú Xiàn Xhèngfǔ) is the local government of Penghu County, Taiwan. Penghu County Hall is located in Magong City.


Penghu County government was established on 22 January 1946.[3]

Organizational structure[edit]

City and township offices[edit]

  • Magong City Office
  • Husi Township Office
  • Baisha Township Office
  • Siyu Township Office
  • Wang-an Township Office
  • Cimei Township Office

County government headquarter[edit]

  • Executive Officer
  • Senior Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Consumer Protection Officer

Internal unit[edit]

  • Civil Affairs Department
  • Finance Department
  • Economic Affairs Department
  • Education Department
  • Public Works Department
  • Tourism Department
  • Social Affairs Department
  • General Affairs Department
  • Personnel Department
  • Civil service Ethics Department
  • Accounting and Statistics Department

External agencies[edit]


  • Police Bureau
  • Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Local Tax Bureau
  • Fire Bureau
  • Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau
  • City Bus and Ferry Management Office
  • Public Health Bureau
  • Cultural Affairs Bureau


  • Land Office
  • Animal Disease Control Center
  • County Stadium
  • Marine Life Propagation Station
  • Family Education Center
  • Penghu County Forestry and Park Management Center
  • Magong City Household Registration Office
  • Baisha Township Household Registration Office
  • Huxi Township Household Registration Office
  • Cimei Township Household Registration Office
  • Wangan Township Household Registration Office
  • Xiyu Township Household Registration Office

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