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Peni Parker and SP//dr. Cover of Edge of Spider-Geddon vol. 1, 2 (October 2018 Marvel Comics)
Art by Jake Wyatt
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceEdge of Spider-Verse #5 (October 2014)
Created byGerard Way
Jake Wyatt
In-story information
Alter egoPeni Parker
Place of originEarth-14512 (Comics)
Earth-3145 (Film)
Team affiliationsSpider-Army/Web-Warriors
  • Peni:
  • Spider Sense
  • Genius Intellect
  • Psychic Connection with SP//dr
  • Enhanced Strength in SP//dr


  • Psychic Connection with Peni
Altered in-story information for adaptations to other media

Peni Parker is a fictional character from Marvel Comics, a superhero and alternate version of Spider-Man. The character is depicted as a Japanese-American 14-year-old high school student who was adopted by Aunt May and Uncle Ben following the death of her parents. She pilots a psychically-powered mech suit known as the SP//dr, which is partially controlled by a radioactive spider that also shares a psychic link with the pilot.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Peni Parker and SP//dr were created by writer Gerard Way and artist Jake Wyatt, and first appeared in the Spider-Verse comic book Edge of Spider-Verse #5 in October 2014. According to Way, SP//dr "is comprised of three vital components: a pilot, a machine, and a radioactive sentient spider acting as one half of the brain that makes it all work."[2][3] SP//dr’s story was continued in the Spider-Geddon comic book, Edge of Spider-Geddon #2 by Alberto Albuquerque.[4]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Peni's father as the original SP//dr, protected the city of New York from crime and other dangers. After his mysterious death, his daughter, Peni Parker was approached by her aunt and uncle to be the new pilot of the SP//dr. In order to do so, she needed to be bitten by the sentient radioactive spider which controlled part of the suit. After being bitten, she became the new protector of the city. She eventually teams up with Daredevil – who had known her father – to take some criminals down and, eventually, battle Mysterio. Then, when taking a subway to go to her school, she's approached by Spider-Ham and Old Man Spider to join the Spider-Army to fight the Inheritors.

After the events of Spider-Verse, Peni is approached in school by a girl named Addy Brock. She asks her if she was really the SP//dr pilot, but Peni ignores her, which prompts Addy to state that Peni is not as special as she thinks. Peni then tries to talk to Ben and May about being special, but she gets ignored. When improving the Web Shooters on the SP//dr, she notices Addy walking in the base and follows her only to find another mech-suit similar to the SP//dr, but black with the name VEN#m, resulting in her getting furious at her aunt and uncle for not telling her about the new suit. When a kaiju-like creature named M.O.R.B.I.O.U.S. starts to drain the city's electrical energy, SP//dr goes after it, but is quickly pushed aside. In order to defeat M.O.R.B.I.O.U.S., they send VEN#m to defeat the creature. It is successful in stopping the monster, but the creature causes VEN#m to malfunction, resulting in the mech suit gaining a mind of its own. The black suit starts to consume Addy, and when May goes to fix the problem manually, it starts to consume her as well. SP//dr starts to battle VEN#m, but the black mech suit proves to be more powerful and it nearly destroys SP//dr. Afterwards, Peni, then remembering the improved Web Shooters, defeats VEN#m, but it’s too late to save her Aunt May and Addy, who have vanished from the inside of the suit. Later, Peni and Ben have a heart to heart moment, but then Spider-Ham re-appears to recruit Peni again to help defeat the Inheritors, who have returned in the event of Spider-Geddon.

In other media[edit]


Peni Parker and SP//dr appeared in the computer-animated superhero film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, with Kimiko Glenn voicing Peni.[5][6] She arrives in Miles Morales' universe along with Spider-Ham and Spider-Man Noir. This version takes on an anime aesthetic, is incredibly perky and is shown eating numerous candies and snacks in her robot; SP//dr itself uses magnetically manipulated appendages for versatility, and a one-piece capsule cockpit topped with a dome-shaped one-way visor, with the inside providing Peni with a view to the world within, and the outside displaying various electronic faces (including anime-related emojis and expressions, an eight-eyed display similar to an actual spider, and the classic Spider-Man eyes); it can also shoot lasers from its fingers, meant to weld various objects, such as when it fixed a USB drive needed in the film. During the climax, SP//dr is severely damaged by Scorpion but Peni manages to rescue the radioactive spider from within it. When she returns to her dimension, she is shown rebuilding SP//dr.

Video games[edit]

SP//dr is a playable character in the mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited.


Hasbro released a Build-A-Figure of the SP//dr in the Marvel Legends line. Hasbro also released the film version of SP//dr.[7]


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