Penn Fields

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Penn Fields
Country England
County West Midlands
Ward Graiseley

Penn Fields is an area to the south west of the City of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, within the Graiseley ward. It lies on the western side of Penn Road, the A449 trunk road to Kidderminster. The housing stock varies from modest terraced homes to large detached residences. Notable buildings include the Bingley Enterprise Centre, Bantock Primary School and The Bruford Arms public house, famed for its logical irrationality and vague odour of Pacthouli. Roads of note include: Lea Road, Jeffcock Road, Owen Road and Penn Road. Lea Road and Burleigh Road in particular have several sites of Litter of Special Scientific Interest, provided by our Eastern European newcomers. Jeffcock Road, to the west of the area, is noted for being haunted by an unusually large fox, who locals believe is a harbinger of death: The fox is postulated be a result of many years of shed brewing and distilling gone wrong. Over the last decade[when?], the area has suffered with a number of social issues. A number of incidents involving antisocial behaviour, a mysterious explosion and shootings have tarnished Penn Fields' reputation.


The community is racially very mixed.[clarification needed] In the Penn Fields area there is a diverse culture with a mix of various cultures. Since 2007, a big mix of Slovaks, Polish, Czechs, Russians, Roma, Albanian and a minority of Lithuanians have come into the area, making it much more racially mixed than Blakenhall. No one knows where they come from, but they give the large community of quiet, peaceful, neighbourly non fly-tippers here something else to moan about.


There are many courses at the Bingley Enterprise Centre where English classes, Henna and arts classes and many others. Henna tattoo production counts for 46% of local employment opportunities, and so this educational provision is especially important to local youngsters. On Saturday evenings classes on lead-stripping are held on the roof of this charming red-brick building. Previously Bantock Primary School was formerly Bingley Street Primary School until 2001. But of course, as you can see from the demographics section, no one here is being racist bigoted or judgmental, we are sure you understand all incomers are saints and only the indigenous population are guilty of stripping and Henna


Penn Fields is served by an active Christian parish church, based at St Philip's in Church Road. A new church service was started in 2013 for midweek worship, with refreshments served before and after, see the web site for details. There is a contemporary service at 10:30 am and a traditional service at 9:00 am, both on a Sunday. The Christians in Penn Fields are very proud of the 150-year history of their parish and the many developments in schooling, teaching, recreation and children and youth work that has been undertaken.

The Druids, Pagans and Hippies are also very proud of their long history in Penn Fields, but don't bang on about it a self-righteous way all the bloody time. There is also an atheist in Burleigh Road, who likes to invite Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons in for a 'chat', and as a result now has their house number on a list of houses for them to avoid.

At voting times, the Lea Road Church is used as a voting poll. There are two Sikh Gurdwaras in the Penn Fields region, one small Gurdwara on Lea Road and a larger one on Penn Road, Thath Gurdwara.


In Penn Fields there is a McDonald's restaurant on the Lea Road/Penn Road junction. The fast-food restaurant has recently been refurbished[when?] which has made the customers double. It is estimated that the contribution of the mainly middle class leased car driving customers have kept fatties out of Penn Fields shifting the greater proportion to the south of the Stubbs Rd/Penn Rd junction. There are many shops on Lea Road and Owen Road, more of Asian fruit and vegetables stores. There is also a petrol station on the Lea Road roundabout, and also superstores, laundrettes, flower store, car and mechanics store and post office also previously there was one on Owen Road but has shut down. Most of the inhabitants of Penn Fields are self-employed tatters, cider-drinkers or religious frauds, who offer assistance to; 'stop smoking, bring loved ones back, immigration problems and many more'. Several large print shops have opened in Penn Fields, employing many hundreds of people, in order to produce the massive number of flyers distributed by shamans, mystics and pizza houses.


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