Penn Medicine Rittenhouse

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Penn Medicine Rittenhouse
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Penn Medicine and University of Pennsylvania Health System logo.svg
Location1800 Lombard Street and
1840 South Street,
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Coordinates39°56′40″N 75°10′23″W / 39.94453°N 75.17314°W / 39.94453; -75.17314Coordinates: 39°56′40″N 75°10′23″W / 39.94453°N 75.17314°W / 39.94453; -75.17314
Care systemPrivate
FundingNon-profit hospital
Hospital typeSpecialist
Affiliated universityPerelman School of Medicine
NetworkUniversity of Pennsylvania Health System
SpecialityRehabilitation, radiology
ListsHospitals in the United States

Penn Medicine Rittenhouse is a rehabilitation and long-term acute-care facility in the Southwest Center City neighborhood of Philadelphia founded in 2007.[1] The current facility is owned by the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS)[2] and operated by Good Shepherd Penn Partners.[3]

The space was formerly occupied by the Graduate Hospital, which opened in 1916, though medical care originally began on the site in 1889 under the name Philadelphia Polyclinic.


The origins of the hospital are with the Philadelphia Polyclinic, founded in 1889 in the area of 20th and South Streets in Philadelphia. In 1916, the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine established Graduate Hospital as a clinical teaching facility. The hospital was spun off as an independent, non-profit hospital in 1977 after losing money for several years. The hospital was a member of Pittsburgh's Allegheny Health System from 1996 until 1998, when the company went bankrupt, and was part of Tenet Healthcare from 1998 to 2007, when it finally sold back to the University of Pennsylvania Health System[4] and in 2006 it sought to sell this and two other Philadelphia hospitals. At this point, Penn Medicine closed the facility as a full-service hospital and converted it to a specialty medical facility.


The main campus, part of the Penn Medicine Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine, is a 58-bed inpatient rehabilitation facility operated by Good Shepherd Penn Partners.[5] The second building, known as the Tuttleman Center, houses a 37-bed outpatient ambulatory surgical center and a radiology department.[6]


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