Pennada Agraharam

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Bhimavaram city
Country India
State Andhra Pradesh
District West Godavari
Metro bhimavaram
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

Pennada & Agraharam is a neighbourhood and a railway station on the Bhimavaram-Narasapur branch railway. The Pennada Railway station has a double track railway line.[1] The village is located on National Highway 214 between Bhimavaram and Palakollu.


Pennada Agraharm was the village donated as gurudakshina by the erstwhile rulers of mogalituru to Srirangam Nallan Chakravarthy clan to promote Vaishnavisam as there was massive conversions were taking place to convert people from Hinduism to Christianity. The present population consists of various immigrants who had come has farm labourers and some families of the original clan have migrated.

Pennada was birthplace shri kadambi krupacharyulu and shri kamdambi sundracharyulu who were freedom fighters who fought against the British rule in India who died without any help from Government during their lifetime. Pennada Agraharm is a village with mango groves and paddy fields. The village has a warehouse for food storage which is one of the largest in Andhra Pradesh. The residents of Pennada Agraharm worship Venugopalaswamy and Dandamma Thalli as their goddess a temple built by the immigrant labour and celebrate the festival of Danamma talli Jatara in her honor each year for the welfare of people of the village . Pennada has both a high school and an engineering college, the Bhimavaram Institute of Engineering & Technology.


Pennada Village is located at five kilometers from Bhimavaram town.

--Religious Temples in Pennada Agraharam--

  • Dandamma Talli Temple.
  • Sree Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple at Nagula chervu.
  • Venugopala Swamy and Ramalayam Temples in Peedaveedi.
  • Ramayalam in Kunuku veedhi.
  • Puntalo musalamma Talli Temple beside main road.
  • Ramalayam in Tamara Cheruvu.
  • Anjaneya Swamy Temple at Sulalamma Chervu.
  • Siddi Vinayaka and Anjaneya Swami Temples beside Main Road.
  • Anjaneya Swamy Temple