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Pennant may refer to:

Flag or banner[edit]

  • Pennon (or pennant), a narrow, tapering flag commonly flown by ships at sea:
    • Pennant (commissioning), the traditional sign of a warship, flown from its masthead while the ship is in commission
    • Broad pennant, flown from the masthead of a Royal Navy ship to indicate the presence of a commodore on board
    • Pennant (church), flown by navies during services on board ships
  • Pennant number, a number used to identify ships by the modern Royal Navy and other navies of Europe and the Commonwealth
  • Pennant (sports), a commemorative flag displayed or flown by a league-winning team
    • Pennant race, prior to divisional playoffs within each league, the race to clinch the division title in a regular baseball season
  • Pennant, a reference to the pennant-shaped "No Passing Zone" prohibitory traffic sign found in the United States
  • Pennant, a reference to Flag and pennant patterns in technical analysis of a stock market chart

Rope or wire rope[edit]

  • Pennant, a length of rope attached to a masthead, the end of a yardarm, etc., and having a block or thimble secured to its free end
  • Maintenance pennant, a wire rope sling used to "hang-off" a lifeboat from the davit in order to perform maintenance on the lifeboat (not to be confused with "pendant")[1]
  • Safety pennant, a synthetic sling used to secure a lifeboat to the davit falls as a fall protection device (FPD)


  • Pennant, the common name of the dragonfly genus Celithemis
  • Pendant Productions, an online audio drama podcast company founded in 2004
  • Vympel, Russian for "Pennant", a Spetznas unit specialised in infiltration and assassination
  • Pennant Measures, a stratigraphic division of the South Wales Coal Measures and including the Pennant Sandstone