Pennant (automobile)

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ManufacturerBarley Motor Car Co.
Model years1924-1925
AssemblyKalamazoo, Michigan
Toronto, Ontario

The Pennant was an automobile make manufactured by the Barley Motor Car Co. in Kalamazoo, Michigan (1924–25). It also made the Roamer (1916–29) and the Barley automobiles (1922–24). The latter was intended as a less expensive companion car to the Roamer.

After a reorganization the Roamer Motor Car Co. was incorporated at Toronto, Ontario, where it was headed by George P. Wigginton and would continue to manufacture the Pennant.

A. C. Barley sold his interest in Roamer and the Kalamazoo factory remained the Barley Motor Car Co. and continued to manufacture the Barley. When it failed, the Pennant was phased in. It was basically a Barley with a Buda 4-cylinder engine and targeted at the taxicab market. Its main competitor was the Checker, also built in Kalamazoo.

The Pennant trade dress was a maroon upper body and ivory lower body. Both the Barley and Pennant were out of production by 1925, and so A. C. Barley was out of the automobile business.

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