Pennsylvania's 3rd congressional district special election, 1815

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On July 2, 1815, Representative-elect Amos Ellmaker (DR) of Pennsylvania's 3rd district resigned after being appointed and commissioned president judge of the Twelfth Judicial District of Pennsylvania, composed of the counties of Dauphin, Lebanon, and Schuylkill, and before the 14th Congress' first session began. A special election was held on October 10, 1815 to fill the vacancy left by his resignation.

Election results[edit]

Candidate Party Votes[1] Percent
James M. Wallace Democratic-Republican 5,016 55.4%
Phillip Gloninger Federalist 4,031 44.6%

Wallace took his seat on December 4, 1815[2] at the start of the 1st session of the 14th Congress.

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